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McClellan Jet Services Senior Vice President, Scott Owens elected to NATA Board of Directors


McClellan Jet Services Senior Vice President, Scott Owens elected to NATA Board of Directors

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 1, 2015) – NATA (National Air Transportation Association) has elected Scott Owens to its Board of Directors.

“The NATA Board of Directors comprises the finest leaders representing all areas of general aviation business," said NATA President and CEO Thomas L. Hendricks. "The association will benefit tremendously from the vast experience of these aviation business leaders. We appreciate their support, willingness to serve, and commitment to advancing safety and prosperity in the aviation business community."  For over 70 years NATA has been the leading organization representing aviation service businesses such as fixed base operators, charter providers, maintenance and repair organizations, flight training, and airline service companies.

The Board of Directors at NATA is comprised of top industry leaders in various aspects of general and corporate aviation business both nationally and internationally. As a member of the Board of Directors, Owens will help to oversee the activities of NATA, along with conducting how to effect positive change on the way general and corporate aviation business gets done through its interaction with government regulators.  “Working alongside and developing relationships with the NATA Board of Directors and other industry leaders has benefits by way of a broader understanding of aviation business segments that those leaders represent.” Owens stated. “The relationships themselves provide for wonderful resources that may not otherwise exist, as well as increased exposure to politicians and political processes as aviation specific issues are navigated toward change.”

About McClellan Jet Services:

McClellan Jet Services is a central part of the 3,000 acre corporate community known as McClellan Park – the most successful base conversion project in America. At McClellan Park, large corporations and small businesses alike enjoy a wide variety of on-site amenities, including our 10,600 foot airfield. The vast size of the corporate and airport community so centrally located near California’s State Capital is why McClellan Jet Services is truly Sacramento’s Aviation Gateway. With Sacramento strategically located mid-way between America’s northern and southern borders, McClellan Jet Services is the perfect west-coast hub for all Pacific Rim destinations. McClellan Jet Services is served by its very own hotel and many other attractive amenities. McClellan Park’s Lions Gate Hotel offers exceptional accommodations, a wide range of on-site conference facilities, fine dining, along with terrific service. Coming to the Sacramento area, or in transit through the west coast, the team at McClellan Jet Services knows it will be our world-class service that will earn you as a client. Our 24/7 full-service FBO operation, our attention to detail, you getting what you want – when you need it, combined with our warm northern California hospitality, that’s what we believe will bring you back again and again. Come find out why our loyal clients are our biggest fans.