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McClellan Park is the Epicenter of Green Development


McClellan Park is the Epicenter of Green Development

McClellan, CA – (August 14, 2008) McClellan Park was recently selected as a finalist for the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) 2008 Green Development Award.  NAIOP developed the Green Development Award to recognize developments using resources in an environmentally efficient way – including land use, material selection, waste reduction, water conservation, and energy efficiency. 


“We’re thrilled to be selected as a finalist for the 2008 Green Development Award.  McClellan Park is the epicenter of green development in the Sacramento region and is actively seeking environmentally conscious tenants.  Our tenants include solar manufacturing, hybrid automobile battery testing and repair, paint recycling and soon will include some of the areas greenest buildings,” said McClellan Park President Larry Kelley.  


By targeting environmentally conscious companies, McClellan Park is attracting significant tenants that develop and distribute environmentally-friendly products and services.  Most recently, OptiSolar, a solar panel manufacturer has taken occupancy at 679,430 SF.  In addition, Sun Edison, a specialist in photovoltaic products and installation (73,000 SF) and paint recycler, Visions Recycling Inc (30,000 SF) as well as Advanced Data Centers, who is currently finishing a LEED© Platinum Data Center, making them the most energy-efficient Data Center in the U.S. (235,000 SF). 


The following tenants at McClellan Park are involved in supplying environmentally conscious products and services. 



·         Advanced Data Centers

·         Advanced Logistics

·         Crumb Rubber Manufacturers

·         Fiberwood LLC

·         OptiSolar

·         Sacramento Valley Railroad

·         Sun Edison

·         Visions Paint Recycling




Increased Life Cycle

Environmentally friendly redevelopment has always been central to the McClellan Park redevelopment plan.  Through renovation of historic structures, McClellan Park significantly increases their energy efficiency and utilizes the significant material investment in these facilities. 

The majority of the buildings at McClellan Park are being renovated and retrofitted with new energy-efficient roofing, HVAC, water, and electric systems that will significantly lengthen the buildings’ useful like and significantly improve their energy efficiency.  In addition, McClellan Park has installed approximately 2 million sq. ft. feet of white roofing to reflect heat and is scheduled to do another 800,000+ this year.  McClellan Park is also currently researching the addition of solar power on many of the buildings at McClellan Park as well as complete lighting and HVAC retrofits with energy-efficient equipment. 

Significant measures are taken to minimize indoor pollutants.  For example, typically, during renovation of the buildings at McClellan Park, asbestos and lead based paint are removed and shipped to certified landfills. 

McClellan Park also uses electric golf carts as a primary means of transportation around the park as well as recycling all waste paper and office supplies. 

Waste Management
As the largest recycler of buildings, paint, concrete, asphalt and contaminated land, McClellan Park has significantly reduced its carbon footprint and provides the greatest net savings to construction waste management by reusing its existing structures.  Rather than sending the waste to the landfill, McClellan Park reuses concrete and asphalt from our demolition projects.  We are also cleaning and recycling contaminated land and have attracted numerous businesses that are involved in green activities. 

McClellan Park also utilizes many recycled materials throughout the development.  Notably, the use of recycled paint significantly reduces the emission of contaminants into the environment that are generated from traditional paint manufacturing and reduction of waste.  From 2003 - 2007 McClellan Park has painted approximately 85 buildings with a total of 4,654,584 SF.  All materials from site development are managed and recycled on the property.  For example, all surplus soils are stockpiled and reused in various projects.  In addition, road base for new roads are primarily from recycled materials.  Both of these practices save precious space in area landfills. 

Reduced Site Disturbance
McClellan Park has more than 200 acres of federally protected wetland preserves and 4 acres of drainage retention ponds to be developed.  The Park’s infrastructure is currently being upgraded with over 25 miles of new sewer line and 15 miles of storm drain systems at a projected cost of $50 million as well as additional signalization, landscaping, road widening and road replacement.  With the recent addition of water-efficient landscaping around many buildings and parking lots, as well as expansion of public open space, McClellan Park is taking an aggressive approach to the greening of the site.

Brownfields Redevelopment
McClellan Business Park is a nationally listed Superfund site.  Due to this status, all operations by the McClellan Park team focus on efficiently improving the existing environmental conditions and mitigating those issues that exist.  While the use of the buildings and the park is entirely safe, environmental cleanup initiatives such as the groundwater cleanup, which treats between 1-3 million gallons of contaminated water daily to a purified drinking water standard significantly, improve the environment.  As a Brownfield infill location, the redevelopment also reduces impacts on transportation corridors. 

Financial Incentives
The Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) has established a fund to invest in energy-efficient improvement to the facilities at McClellan Park. WAPA has invested several million dollars over the last 7 years in energy-efficiency projects such as new HVAC units and lighting systems upgrades that have significantly improved the energy efficiency of the buildings.  LAMBRA, an acronym for "Local Agency Military Base Recovery Area," offers unique business incentives for McClellan Park Tenants. The program offers state tax credits, business expense deductions and operating loss carryovers.  McClellan Park is part of a redevelopment district that enables investment of tax increment funds into projects that generate economic activity or mitigate blight in the district.  To date the redevelopment agency has invested over $10 million in the area and projects investments totaling over $50 million. 


Alternative Transportation

McClellan Park also provides alternative transit and commute options for tenants/employers and employees working throughout McClellan Business Park.  This effort is designed to increase employee transit ridership, carpool and vanpool use, bicycling and walking. The goal is to ultimately achieve a 35% park-wide employee alternative mode-use rate.  To accomplish this goal McClellan Park has established a Transportation Management Agency (TMA).  The TMA maintains a public outreach effort to increase public transportation ridership, increase car pooling and encourage bicycling and walking to work.  Some of the services provided to employers and employees include:


·                     75% off for first-time transit riders

·                     50% transit and $65 vanpool subsidies

·                     FREE Guaranteed Ride Home program


Currently, McClellan Park has more than 280 registered carpoolers, 4 leased vans with Enterprise Rideshare and 168 designated carpool spaces throughout the park.  In addition, there are about 15 registered bicyclists and 30 transit passes sold monthly.  McClellan Park recently participated in May is Bike Month and registered over 65 bicyclists logging more than 14,250 miles for their commute, recreational, and errand miles.

McClellan Park also organizes an Annual Spare the Air Transportation Fair on Sept 25 to educate the tenants about alternate commute options, transit subsidies, and ways to improve your commute.  McClellan Park estimates more than 1000 visitors in attendance.  For more information regarding alternative commute options for tenants, employers and employees, please visit http://www.mcclellanparktma.org/


About McClellan Business Park, LLC

The County of Sacramento selected McClellan Business Park, LLC, in 1999 to acquire and redevelop McClellan Air Force Base. McClellan Air Force Base was renamed McClellan Business Park (McClellan Park) in 2001.  McClellan Park boasts a fully-operational airport, full-service hotel, fitness facility, rail system, office, industrial, retail and dormitories.  The project consists of 3,000 acres with approximately 8.5 million square feet of useable buildings and 500 acres of developable land and is fully entitled for over 16 million square feet of commercial, retail, office and residential buildings.  For additional information, please visit McClellan Business Park’s website at http://www.mcclellanpark.com.