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McClellan Park and Sims Recycling Solutions Turn E-Waste Into a Donation to the Twin Rivers Unified School District


McClellan Park and Sims Recycling Solutions Turn E-Waste Into a Donation to the Twin Rivers Unified School District

McClellan, CA, April 22, 2009 – McClellan Park, formerly the McClellan air force base, is offering their tenants the service of properly disposing of their e-waste. Based on contribution, Sims Recycling Solutions will be donating a portion of the proceeds back to the Twin Rivers Unified School District. Every business that participates will be acknowledged.

This donation process is easily done and doesn’t take much time. It is a simple 1,2,3 process. (1) A business or participant must call Dianna Sorby at (916) 772-5681, to schedule a time for Sims Recycling Solutions to drop off the box. The box is a typical Gaylord box (4’x4’) so businesses must have the indoor space to accommodate for this. (2) It is up to the participant to fill the box with e-waste. (3) The week prior to Earth Day, (April 22, 2009) the participant can call and schedule the most convenient time for Sims Recycling Solutions to pick up that filled box. Therefore based on the amount received, Sims will give back a portion of the proceeds to the Twin Rivers Unified School District. 

The most desirable electronics for this collection and donation are televisions, laptops and computer monitors. However Sims Recycling Solutions will accept the following: Cell Phones, Telephones, Printers, Speakers, Keyboards, Mice, PDAs, Radios, Stereos, MP3s, DVDs, CD Players, and VCRs (etc).


Sims Recycling Solutions cannot accept household appliances, microwaves, batteries, toner/ink cartridges, and cans/bottles.


Sims Recycling Solutions held an ongoing campaign last fall with the City of Roseville and helped donate over $7,000 to the outdoor expansion of IDEAscape, an environmental learning center for children.  It proved to be a success and with the help of these businesses the Twin Rivers Unified School District can raise some extra funding.


For additional information on the McClellan Park and Sims Recycling Solutions Fundraising campaign please contact Dianna Sorby at (916) 772-5681 or visit www.SRSroseville.com


About Sims Recycling Solutions – Sims Recycling Solutions is the World’s leading electronic recycler with over 250 operations worldwide. The Roseville location is unique


to the Sacramento area because it is ISO 14001 and the 200,000 sq.ft facility where the recycling process is conducted is powered by renewable energy.  Sims Recycling Solutions is committed to making a difference in the environment, by not exporting or creating landfill of electronic hardware.


About McClellan Business Park, LLC –

The County of Sacramento selected McClellan Business Park, LLC, in 1999 to acquire and redevelop McClellan Air Force Base. McClellan Air Force Base was renamed McClellan Business Park (McClellan Park) in 2001.  McClellan Park boasts a fully-operational airport, full-service hotel, fitness facility, rail system, office, industrial, retail and dormitories.  The project consists of 3,000 acres with approximately 8.5 million square feet of useable buildings and 500 acres of developable land and is fully entitled for over 16 million square feet of commercial, retail, office and residential buildings.  For additional information, please visit McClellan Business Park’s website at http://www.mcclellanpark.com.