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2015 Year to Date Transactions


2015 Year to Date Transactions


McCLELLAN Calif.--McClellan, CA – McClellan Park ended 2015 with approximately 607,464 SF of new space leased.  Furthermore, McClellan Park also has 233,304 SF of pending commencements and has sold 18,122 SF of land.  The industrial and office space leased will provide several hundred jobs to the Sacramento area. The attraction and value of McClellan Park continues to grow with the addition of these companies in a combination of existing and new facilities. In total, nearly 200 companies in 5.2 million square feet have found that the quality facilities and wide array of amenities at McClellan Park cannot be found anywhere else in the region. The newly occupied facilities include industrial and office.

Completed Sales include Kelly Pipe, CPRT/ H&E Equipment, and Gateway Charters which totaled 85,122 SF with $4,183,765 in revenue.  Kelly Pipe purchased 9.81 acres of land in the Santa Ana Industrial Park.  CPRT/ H&E Equipment also purchased 3.40 acres of land in the Santa Ana Industrial Park.  Furthermore, Gateway Charters purchased 18,522 SF in building 1410.

New commencement leases include a wide array of distinguished companies.  These companies include Imetco which leased 46,900 acres, USDA leased 35,770 acres, and Taylor Metals leased 28,659.  Other transactions include Big Duty, which leased 23,028 SF in building 475, and Berger Steel which leased 19,887 SF in building 243.

McClellan Park also leased noteworthy office space for DK Direct, SBM Management Services, and Futures Explored.  DK Direct leased 21,046 SF of office space in building 264, SBM Management services leased 8,204 SF in building 200, and Futures Explored leased 7,011 SF in building 271.

About McClellan Park :
The County of Sacramento selected McClellan Business Park, LLC, in 1999 to acquire and redevelop McClellan Air Force Base. McClellan Air Force Base was renamed McClellan Business Park (McClellan Park) in 2001.  McClellan Park boasts a fully-operational airport, full-service hotel, fitness facility, rail system, office, industrial, retail and dormitories.  The project consists of 3,000 acres with approximately 8.5 million square feet of useable buildings and 500 acres of developable land and is fully entitled for over 16 million square feet of commercial, retail, office and residential buildings.  For additional information, please visit McClellan Business Park’s website at