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California Department of Parks and Recreation Begins Construction for its Museum Collection Center


California Department of Parks and Recreation Begins Construction for its Museum Collection Center

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Sacramento, CA – Supervisor Phil Serna will be on hand for the ceremony that marks the commencement of construction of the 265,282 square foot Consolidated Operations and Museum Collection Center for the California Department of Parks and Recreation. He will be joined by the California State Parks Director Ruth Coleman, Museum Curator Ross McGuire, McClellan Park President Larry Kelley and representatives from state, county, and local agencies, at a special event on May 30, at 10:00 a.m., at the site itself (see map, attached).


McClellan Business Park LLC announced today that California State Parks will begin construction of its Museum Collection Center headquarters. The State of California Department of General Services recently signed a lease with McClellan Business Park for 265,282 square feet of industrial space and will take occupancy in May 2013. The lease also provides 53,000 sf of fenced yard area for vehicle storage and employee parking.


“We’re planning extensive interior, exterior, and site renovations to accommodate the Department of Parks and Recreation” said Larry Kelley, McClellan Park’s President.  “We’re completely renovating the building interior to meet Parks’ specific operational requirements, updating the exterior façade to modern standards, and most importantly, upgrading the building’s cooling and humidification controls to assure long term preservation of the historic collections.”


Currently, the California State Parks stores approximately 1.5 million historic objects and 2 million artifacts in multiple warehouse storage facilities in West Sacramento. Additionally, operations including statewide fleet management, accessibility compliance and construction, land surveying, and photo archives, as well as the headquarters’ distribution and reproduction center and materials warehouse, are scattered about West Sacramento and Sacramento.


With several leases expiring in 2012, Department of General Services obtained lease proposals that would allow California State Parks to consolidate from multiple facilities into a centralized Museum Collection Center and provide consolidated operations for the department. The consolidation is expected to generate significant cost savings through increased operational efficiencies, reduced energy costs, and lower lease rates. The building renovations will also provide enhanced climate and humidity control, assuring greater preservation capacity.


The rail-served industrial building, formerly used by the U.S. Air Force for material and supply storage purposes, was constructed to a very high standard with eight inch thick concrete walls and a four inch thick concrete ceiling, providing better insulation capacity and significant energy savings.


 “The timing of this move could not be better, “said Ruth Coleman, Director of California State Parks. “This facility will save us money and provide a better level of protection.”


“The success in attracting State Parks is further evidence of the strength and support of the public-private partnership between Sacramento County, McClellan Business Park, and the business community,” said Larry Kelley, President of McClellan Business Park. “We are obviously very pleased to welcome State Parks to McClellan and look forward to working with the Parks’ and DGS’ teams to complete this cost saving project on a timely basis.”


McClellan Park would like to thank the State of California Department of General Services; Kevin Jasper and Joe Curtis/Cornish & Carey Newmark Knight Frank; CH&D Architects, Creekside Commercial Builders, Baker Williams Engineers, and all the representatives from the county, region, and state that have and will continue to assist California State Parks as it begins its operations.

About McClellan Park:
The County of Sacramento selected McClellan Business Park, LLC, in 1999 to acquire and redevelop McClellan Air Force Base. McClellan Air Force Base was renamed McClellan Business Park (McClellan Park) in 2001.  McClellan Park boasts a fully-operational airport, full-service hotel, fitness facility, rail system, office, industrial, retail and dormitories.  The project consists of 3,000 acres with approximately 8.5 million square feet of useable buildings and 500 acres of developable land and is fully entitled for over 16 million square feet of commercial, retail, office and residential buildings.  For additional information, please visit McClellan Business Park’s website at http://www.mcclellanpark.com.