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McClellan Park's Transportation Management Association


McClellan Park's Transportation Management Association

McClellan Business Park offers an array of resources for both employers and employees working throughout the campus, including commuter-related services provided by the Transportation Management Association (TMA). Interested in learning more about the importance of McClellan Park’s TMA, and how you can take advantage of this resource? Read on to find the answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is a TMA?

A Transportation Management Association – or TMA - focuses on providing and promoting alternative transportation options for commuters. TMAs strive to increase awareness of the benefits that come with choosing an alternate form of transportation to single-occupant vehicles. 

Why should we consider taking alternative transportation to work?

Choosing an alternative form of transportation for your commute can be one of the most effective ways to help reduce traffic congestion throughout the Sacramento Region. In fact, by opting for an alternative mode of transportation just one or two days a week, you can make a significant impact in decreasing traffic congestion and improving air quality. The more commuters that take advantage of the many available methods of transportation, the more valuable a contribution we can make to the environment.

What services does the McClellan TMA offer?

The McClellan Park TMA offers a multitude of transportation services and incentives for its commuters:

Free Lyft Rides to Transit Riders

Using regional transit for your commute to McClellan Park? The TMA offers free Lyft rides to complete your daily transit trip! Once registered with their Lyft incentive program, a Lyft driver will be able to pick you up at your last transit stop and take you to your McClellan Park destination – at no cost to you.

Carpool/Vanpool Incentive Program

Interested in finding a rideshare partner? The TMA team can help with that! Once you’ve established carpool or vanpool arrangements, the TMA will arrange (with pre-approval from property managers) for a preferential parking space at your place of business. You can also obtain carpool or vanpool parking permits at the TMA office.

The TMA provides a $65 per rider subsidy each month for vanpool participants (formed with six or more riders).

Bicycle Incentive Program 

We appreciate those who bicycle commute to McClellan Park! If you’re a regular bicycle commuter, you’ll be eligible to receive a covered bicycle locker or bicycle rack.

The TMA has also established the Bike Share Program, which provides FREE bikes to McClellan Park tenants. Employers are encouraged to offer a bike that employees may use for errands, exercise, or lunch breaks.

Bus & Light Rail Incentive Program

To encourage the use of bus and light rail transportation, the TMA offers a 55% subsidy for regular commuters who use public transportation. First time riders will receive a 75% subsidy on a monthly pass.

Emergency rides home

Commuting to McClellan Park by carpool, vanpool, public transportation, bicycle or another alternative commute mode? Rest assured, the TMA can provide an emergency ride home, if needed.

What Regional Transit lines are in or near McClellan Park?

RT Bus Route 26 provides bus service into the East District of McClellan Park from the Watt / I-80 Light Rail Station. The full route and schedule are available here.

Though the McClellan Shuttle (Route 85) has been eliminated, the TMA and Sacramento Regional Transit are working towards an alternative service that will connect riders from the Roseville Road Light Rail Station to all districts of McClellan Park. In the meantime, don’t forget about the Lyft incentive program to pair with your transit ride.

Where do I charge my Electric Vehicle in McClellan Park?

A total of 12 Chargepoint Level II Chargers can be found throughout McClellan Business Park. Locating a charging station is simple, thanks to the Chargepoint mobile app – it allows users to find a charging station, schedule a time to charge, and track usage and spending. Take note of McClellan Park’s five charging locations, outlined here:

  • Luce and Peacekeeper Parking Lot
  • McClellan Conference Center at 5411 Luce Avenue
  • Howard and Dudley
  • Lions Gate Hotel at 3410 Westover
  • Dudley and Forcum Parking Lot

Interested in learning more about McClellan Park’s TMA? Find resources, incentive programs, additional FAQs and more here. Happy commuting!