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Sacramento Nonprofits That Call McClellan Park “Home”

California Aerospace Museum in Sacramento McClellan

Sacramento Nonprofits That Call McClellan Park “Home”

McClellan Park is not just home to some of the Sacramento Region’s most innovative businesses. It’s also the location of several remarkable Sacramento nonprofit organizations. The Aerospace Museum of California, Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento, Sacramento Stand Down, and Sacramento Ballet can all be discovered right here at McClellan Park.

Though each of these 501(c)(3) nonprofits may have an entirely unique mission, they do share one thing in common: They’ve made a significant impact on the Sacramento region. Read on to dive into the history behind the hard work of each one of these organizations, and discover a bit more about why our community is so fortunate to have them.

Aerospace Museum of California

McClellan Park’s Aerospace Museum of California is a favorite of both locals and visitors alike. Originally founded in 1982, the organization first held the title of the McClellan Aviation Museum, as part of the US Air Force museum system. Following the 2001 closure of McClellan Air Force Base, the community worked hard to ensure the popular museum would be able to remain open to the public.

In 2007, the museum relocated to its permanent McClellan Park home – which now includes a large exhibit hall, classrooms and a 4-acre air park - and officially took on its new Aerospace Museum of California name. The name change was ultimately reflective of the organization’s goal of displaying both commercial and private aircraft, along with aircraft used by all branches of the Armed Forces. Above all, the new name acted as a more accurate representation of the Sacramento region’s notable contributions to the fields of both aviation and aerospace.

Fast forward to the present day, where aside from providing a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the world of flight and technology, the Aerospace Museum of California aims to inspire future generations through its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education system. The organization is committed to providing an open and engaging learning space for students to obtain real-life inspiration and acquire one-of-a-kind learning opportunities.

Most notably, the Aerospace Museum of California strives to offer this unique learning experience to all children, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds. The nonprofit is breaking down barriers as they work toward a goal of providing 30,000 Sacramento kids with a much-deserved STEM Experience. Through the generous support of both community members and museum sponsors, donations to the organization enable the many children who may lack the opportunity to visit a museum - or realize their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math-related careers – to experience this otherwise unattainable opportunity.

Interested in checking out this unique McClellan Park treasure? There’s plenty to look forward to for guests of any age. From special events (think rocket launches, or even craft beer tasting!) to guided tours, summer camps and more, there’s always an exciting opportunity to experience all that the Aerospace Museum of California has to offer. Learn more at aerospaceca.org

Wildlife Care Association of Sacramento

McClellan Park is proud to be home to the Wildlife Care Association (WCA), a nonprofit, independent, and volunteer-based association for wild animals. Permitted by the California Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, this nonprofit organization has made its mission to care for and service thousands of animals annually, while also maintaining a commitment to educate and instruct the Sacramento community on the respect, care, and appreciation of our region’s local wildlife.

The Wildlife Care Association has been an important part of the Sacramento community for decades; in fact, in its earliest years, many of Greater Sacramento’s well-known naturalists – including MB Goodier, Effie Yeaw, and William B. Pond – were committed to positioning the Wildlife Care Association as one of the city’s integral community service organizations. In existence since 1975, the organization was first incorporated on May 18, 1978, before later becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community service organization just a few years later on September 10, 1981.

Each year, the Wildlife Care Association receives more than 6,000 sick, orphaned, and injured animals brought in by both public agencies and concerned residents of the Greater Sacramento area. Wild animals are able to be rescued and rehabilitated solely with the help of public donations that help fuel the organization’s hard work.

Thanks to a combined effort from generous volunteers, staff members, and local veterinarians, WCA is able to offer an array of medical services to each animal in need. For every animal received, the organization aims to aid them in either fully recovering from their injuries or illness, or helping them grow and learn to hunt and fend for themselves. Once either has been accomplished, animals are released into the wild and offered a second chance at life.

With several of California’s state and county facilities - including the County and City Animal Care and Regulation, S.P.C.A., veterinary clinics, zoos, and the Department of Fish and Game - unable to offer care for these wild animals, the WCA provides a much-needed service to the Sacramento community.

The Wildlife Care Association is also a proud member of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association.

Interested in attending an upcoming WCA event, or volunteering your time? Learn more at wildlifecareassociation.com.

Wildlife Care Association in McClellan Park Sacramento

Sacramento Stand Down

The Sacramento community is fortunate to have Sacramento Stand Down working tirelessly for our local veterans. A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Sacramento Stand Down has served homeless veterans right here in the Sacramento community for more than 28 years. Working closely with both state and federal agencies and other nonprofit service organizations, Sacramento Stand Down provides a complete support network for at-risk veterans – both those that are currently experiencing homelessness, and those that are at high-risk of experiencing homelessness. 

The organization is dedicated to offering a safe, secure, and welcoming environment that encourages veterans to connect with others who share in similar challenges and life experiences. All Sacramento Stand Down team members and volunteers have a common goal of helping our local veterans cultivate hope and rebuild their lives. Just as the organization says, they strive to provide “a hand up, not a hand out.”

The nonprofit’s work dates way back to 1991, when the first Sacramento Stand Down task force was assembled with civic leaders, community members, and veterans. Not long after, in 1995, Sacramento Stand Down was rated one of the top Stand Downs in the country by the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans.

Today, the organization continues to offer the support and momentum necessary for at-risk and homeless veterans to make positive, life-altering changes. Whether it’s providing resources and guidance for transitioning into recovery, obtaining employment, resolving legal issues, gaining access to benefits and health services, obtaining housing, or reconnecting with the community and beginning a new life off of the streets, Sacramento Stand Down is committed to meeting the needs of Sacramento’s large veteran community. To-date, the organization has helped more than 10,000 veterans

As a nonprofit, Sacramento Stand Down relies solely on donations from the local community to continue its efforts, hold events and meet the needs of our region’s veteran community. In addition to donations, the organization is always appreciative of those willing to volunteer their time during Stand Down events, or to assist in maintaining warehouse inventories.

To learn more about how you can make a difference for our veteran community with Sacramento Stand Down, visit sacramentostanddown.org.

Sacramento Ballet

Recognized as the leading ballet company in the Greater Sacramento region, Sacramento Ballet surely holds the title of one of McClellan Park’s most vibrant nonprofit organizations. Originally founded in 1954 by Barbara and Deane Crockett, the organization has since been known for its thousands of memorable performances, a highly sought-after school of ballet, and a commitment to both community education and engagement for members of the Greater Sacramento region.

Part of Sacramento Ballet’s success undeniably comes from its history of talented, accomplished leaders in the world of ballet. In 1988, Ron Cunningham held the title of Artistic Director, before being joined by his wife, Carinne Binda. The two became Co-Artistic Directors in 1991, leading the organization through a successful 30 years. Today, Sacramento Ballet is made up of an equally talented and dedicated Leadership Team and Board of Directors.

A truly unique amenity for the Greater Sacramento region, Sacramento Ballet is devoted to helping promote vibrant engagement with the arts through its mission to entertain, educate, inspire, and engage community members of both every age and every ability through the power of dance. The organization recognizes just how vital the arts are for Sacramento, both economically and through self-identity. From its inception until now, Sacramento Ballet has provided an opportunity for residents of the Greater Sacramento region to come together, engage and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion.

With the support of generous donors, the organization is able to continue thriving and giving back to the community through the power of performance. From pointe shoes for performers to ballet classes for scholarship students, each and every donation to Sacramento Ballet truly makes a difference in the lives of many. 

To view upcoming performances and events, scholarship and class opportunities, or ways to get involved, head to sacballet.org.

McClellan Business Park is proud to have these remarkable organizations as a part of its corporate community. Thank you for your support and dedication to helping these nonprofits continue to thrive!